Mission Statement - "We at Modern Metalcraft, Inc. dedicate ourselves to making our products, their delivery, and all related services of such excellence and value that we are the natural choice of the customer, while sustaining our growth as individuals and as a company."

MMI is a closely-held business that was founded in 1941 and incorporated in 1966. We employ engineers, technicians, machinists, craftspeople, and assemblers to produce custom solutions including components, instruments, controls, enclosures, assemblies, frameworks, or prototypes - products meant for use in process industries, laboratories, or in original equipment.

About Modern Metalcraft, Inc.

Modern Metalcraft

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The challenges that customers bring us to solve are rarely cut-and-dried. Each is unique, whether the end result is one, fifty or five hundred of a product.

MMI combines engineering analysis, ingenious craftsmanship, and computer-controlled technology in equal measure, and applies these to the co-design, fabrication, and assembly of close tolerance components and subassemblies.

We turn verbal descriptions into engineering drawings. We turn the need to know, measure, or make something into functioning prototypes. We turn opportunities into close- tolerance parts, assemblies and finished products.

Contact us! Modern Metalcraft will show you how we tackle the difficult every day, and perform the impossible with just a bit more of a challenge!