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At Modern Metalcraft, we specialize in working with virtually any metal or material to produce your unique display and exhibit components.

Our services include engineering/design, custom metal cutting, forming, and machining, and perforating, bending and finishing.

We are skilled at producing ready-to-install pieces that combine custom perforated and formed panels with various hole shapes (slots, diamonds, squares, hexagons, etc.), consistent rolled radii and diameters, unusual bends and configurations, and special finishes including brushing, anodizing, chromating, or powder coating.

Exhibits & Displays

Custom Metal Fabrication
Modern Metalcraft

Modern MetalcraftExhibits & Shows

When time is short and/or you need to convert rough concepts, consider MMI.

Modern Metalcraft, working with leading custom design and fabrication firms, has manufactured stainless steel and aluminum components used at numerous international shows.

When offered an initial concept design, Modern Metalcraft can enhance a customer's rendering. Or we can work directly from customer blueprints.

Parts can be shaped from virtually any material - stainless steel, steel, aluminum, exotic metals, plastic, and composites. A broad knowledge of finishing processes - including anodizing, powdercoating and plating operations - adds to the quality of each piece we produce. MMI provides the "fit and finish" our customers rely on. We've earned the trust of such custom exhibit and display designers and manufacturers as: George P. Johnson, Exhibit Works, Design Craftsmen, Exhibit Enterprises, H.B. Stubbs, Ford & Earl, Creative Solutions, and others.

Our staff of experienced programmers, technicians, machinists, assemblers, and support personnel, along with flexible delivery schedules, makes working with Modern Metalcraft a pleasant experience.

Modern MetalcraftArchitectural Metalwork

Architectural firms need companies with capabilities that will enhance their in-house resources. Modern Metalcraft has worked with many architectural firms on project after project for over three decades. We provide value-engineering and high quality products at competitive prices.

Our projects have included work for commercial sites, schools, churches, theaters, and municipal and residential customers.

Modern MetalcraftMuseums

Working with leading custom design and fabrication firms, Modern Metalcraft has fabricated stainless steel reader supports, monitor and CPU housings, display framing, and other elements used throughout a museum.

Tight fits, a consistent in-house applied finish, and attention to every detail results in a seamless appearance with a striking finish.

For over three decades, Modern Metalcraft has provided engineering, machining and fabricating services to exhibit and display designers and manufacturers, museum display manufacturers, stage production companies, architectural firms, and theatrical production companies.