Modern Metalcraft, Inc. (MMI) is a premier custom manufacturing company specializing in machining and shaping of parts from virtually any material - aluminum, steel, exotic metals, plastic, composites, etc.

MMI personnel have the capabilities to design from concept to finish, and we integrate design and engineering services with contract machining, fabrication, and assembly. We also can incorporate electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic elements with either traditional or software controls into any special engineered project.

Close tolerance sheet metal fabrication is our specialty, and we apply various finishes - brushed, omni-directional, anodizing, powdercoating, and painting.

We are specifically geared for small and medium quantity orders, including one-of-a-kind projects, and we work closely with our customers on difficult delivery requirements to make sure they get what they need on time.

Modern Metalcraft

Modern Metalcraft
Exhibits and Displays

Exhibit and display companies incorporate custom metal elements in the displays they produce for clients. However, because precision metalworking is such a specialty discipline, many of these companies look to outside vendors with the skills and resources to manufacture the components they need.

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Engineered Projects & Services

Modern Metalcraft has fully integrated capabilities for design, development, and manufacturing. We are staffed with experienced engineers, programmers, technicians, machinists, assemblers, and support staff.

MMI personnel can design from concept, enhance a customer's rendering or, work directly from customer drawings.

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About Modern Metalcraft...

At Modern Metalcraft our customers receive quality and value - they rely on our honest communication, delivery, and ability to do 'turn-key' work. Some of our customers have been with us since the firm was founded in 1941.

MMI is much more than a typical job shop. We want to become your 'lean' small-lot manufacturing partner. During the past sixty plus years, we have proven to be a trusted resource for many diverse manufacturers.

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